Red Rose School is a specialist educational setting that is inclusive of pupils with a variety of learning backgrounds.

Red Rose School offers the holistic education needed for our pupils’ emotional, social and academic achievement. Whilst we are dedicated to pupils gaining their academic potential, we believe that personal attributes of respect, integrity and moral behaviour are of high value in today’s world. Our academic and social programmes of study evolve according to the specific needs of the year groups. This page provides an overview of those studies. Please contact us if you would like further detail. Warning: Illegal string offset 'url' in متي تداول اسهم عبدالمحسن الحكير /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data01/93/3780093/html/wp-content/themes/smarty/vc_templates/university/stm_image_box.php on line 60 ثانية الخيارات الثنائية حساب التداول التجريبي 173 Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas02_data01/93/3780093/html/wp-content/themes/smarty/vc_templates/university/stm_image_box.php on line Your Domain Name 173
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Class groups

The school is organised by Key Stage grouping, but has flexibility for pupils to remain within a grouping suited to their developmental stage.

  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4 -Year 10
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Organisation of Learning

The Red Rose school day is based on research that pupils have greater potential for focus and academic learning in the morning. Learning sessions in the morning, therefore prioritise core areas such as literacy and numeracy.

Afternoons are generally timetabled with practical and active subject areas. These include:

  • Art
  • Sport
  • Science
  • ICT

The classroom

Each classroom is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard, individual workstations and a central oval table for group work and discussion. Each pupil has his or her own workstation that can be personalised in addition to storing equipment and books. The workstations or ‘carels’ are fully suited to ‘TEACCH’ methods of learning for pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions and those who find it difficult to focus and would be easily distracted.

Learning through technology

Red Rose school is committed to the use of technology to assist with learning and literacy. Keyboard skills programs are a part of this learning; we also train our pupils in the use of technology to assist in overcoming writing or reading difficulties, enrich their educational experience and expand their opportunities in further education and beyond.

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